With restriction’s easing and holidays nearly back on the cards for us all, it’ll be time to fight the frizz of summer locks as hair is once again at the mercy of sun, sea, sand and chlorine. Tame tresses in between salon treatments with the best-selling PUREPLEX collection from the UK’s leading independent professional home hair colour experts Knight & Wilson.

The first at-home hair repair regime of its kind, PUREPLEX offers salon-quality results at high street prices. PUREPLEX Home Hair Repair Treatment features Aminofix bond reconstructing technology, this works by penetrating deep in to the cortex of the hair replacing lost amino acids in the exact sequence found in hair naturally this is effectively rebuilding the hairs natural keratin structure, restoring strength, elasticity and volume plus protects against future damage and breakage.

For a daily top up to the ultimate hair repair regime, PUREPLEX Bond Reconstructing Shampoo and PUREPLEX Bond Restructuring Conditioner help to maintain stronger, healthier hair post-treatment for an ongoing hair repair system that will see you through the summer months and beyond.  The trio are available together as a Pureplex Home Luxury Kit for £28.97 from


Knight & Wilson Co-Founder, Lee Bannister, shares his tips for the ultimate hair repair regime to make sure your locks look the part this summer:

  1. Sun, chlorine and saltwater all cause the hair’s cuticle to raise open and compromise the health of the internal cortex, from which all the hair’s internal strength derives. Giving the hair a PUREPLEX treatment immediately prior to a period when you’ll be in the sun will help to reinforce the hair’s internal bonds and ward off damage and hair stress from external elements.
  1. After a treatment, use sure the PUREPLEX Shampoo and Conditioner; topping up the hair daily with AMINOFIX will make sure any mild damage
  1. Try using PUREPLEX Conditioner as a swim cap and sunbathing barrier. Simply coat the hair before sunbathing or swimming and it will be further protected from those harmful elements, as the conditioner barrier will help to lock them out from entering the hair.
  2. To get the hair in tip top condition ready for summer, aim for two PUREPLEX treatments two weeks apart. If your hair is due a colour, do the two a week either side of your colouring date; the first will reinforce the hair and prevent damage and the second will replenish and increase hair health.

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