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This isn’t really a how to or a tutorial as I didn’t know what the outcome would be – but I thought you’d like to see what happened to my hair when I put grey dye over blue! It went a sorta silvery navy shiny stone wash blue shade… pretty cool if that’s the look you’re after! I never thought of putting grey over pastel shades to make those kinds of stone wash/denim hair so here’s an easy way to do it yourself at home!

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♡ hi everyone! I recently dyed my hair using the colour freedom silver grey hair dye, I was happy with the result when I first had it dyed but it looks blue so I’m not that happy with it. the dye left my hair super soft but I really am not a fan of the blue colour on me.

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I decided to try out some new pinks in my hair dye collection, Colour Freedom sent me Magenta Dream and Mystic Purple to try out with their pasteliser. I love the duskier pink shade and I love how it fades too.

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